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Frantisek Krizik

František Krizik was born en Planica at Klatovy on 8th July, 1847. His life trajectory was accompanied by harmony and self-satisfying feeling of successful life. In spite of the fact, that he could nor permit to pay for his school-leaving exam, he was accepted to the university study as very gifted student.

All his life he dedicated to continues promotion of utilisation of electrical energy in different branches of human activities. He enforced and implemented electrification in illumination, the drives in agriculture, in industrial production. He was a pioneer in implementation of electrical drive in railway and road transport. He has merits in construction of water electricity stations, he has contributed to development and production of equipment for electrically driven railways.


Short survey of his activities is given below:

1878 - he participated in the World Exhibition in Paris, where it was shown the first Yablocskow arc               lamp, Mr. F. Krizik was awarded a patent

1881 - he participated in electrotechnical exhibition in Paris

1882 - he has obtained German kingdom patent on the arc lamp (before it he has obtained it in all other              states of Europe and in USA). Profit, what was gained from the manufacturing of the arc lamps              and from selling the patent in permitted him to dedicate himself totally in electrotechnics.

1884 - he has established gas electrical plant

1887 - he has started the production of light-emitting systems

1891 - he participated in the exhibition in Prague, where he implemented illumination of all exposition              site

1900 - the World exhibition in Paris, where he exhibited the three-phase generator, connected with the              gas machine, the motors for electrical trams, the chandeliers; he was awarded two golden              medals

1906 - he was nominated a honoured doctor of technical science

1907-1908 - he constructed several water plants

1908 - in anniversary exhibition in Prague he demonstrated the steam generator for the power plat in               Pardubice, the electrical locomotive, the gasoline-electric passenger car, the regulator of               electrical illumination

1911 - he was awarded a license on installation of electrical illumination in train carriages in              accordance with English patent.

F. Krizik was endowed with great engineering clairvoyance and fantasy. He was "the top" of his times, who reached success in two fields: as inventor and entrepreneur. We are proud on the fact, that the factory bears his name.

He has died 22nd of January, 1941.