Company Profile

Establishment of the production plant KRIZIK GBI, a. s. in Presov is dated on 1997, but the history of the KRIZIK mark and products connected with it is much longer. It is connected with the fact that 100 years before the foundation stone laying, it means in 1847, was born Mr. Frantisek Krizik. If he had lived for hundred years he could lay the foundation stone himself. He had died 6 years before the KRIZIK factory foundation in Presov.


In the small western Czech village Planice near Klatovy was born Mr. Frantisek Krizik. This future inventor and outstanding technician was a pioneer in electrical engineering in Bohemia. He became famous by improving of arc lamps in times when the victory of Edison's lamp was not yet sure. He had founded his own firm dealing with manufacturing of various products for electrical and power industries. Frantisek Krizik died in 1941 and he is written in the history as a father of Czech electrical engineering.


The "Ceskomoravske elektrotechnicke zavody Frantiska KRIZIKA" in Prague introduced the single-phase electricity meter, type W1. It means that in that year an electricity meter had appeared with the KRIZIK mark for the first time.

1924 - 25

KRIZIK had used the marking EJ for the first time to code single-phase electricity meters and the ET mark for polyphase electricity meters. This coding has been used till now for all the KRIZIK electricity meters.


On June 5th, 1947 the foundation stone was laid down to single-phase electricity meters plant in Presov. The construction of the plant was financed by the KRIZIK Prague. In Presov the new firm - KRIZIK, n.p. Prague, subsidiary Presov.


On May the 7th, 1950 the first units of EJ 6 single-phase electricity meters started to be assembled in the new plant.


The production range was exceeded by production of supplying transformers of low power. The plant became an independent firm, bearing the name KRIZIK Dukla, n.p. Presov.


Production of EJ 8 single-phase electricity meters had been started. They were of remarkably higher quality level comparing with the previous types. They were manufactured without any interruption and supplied to several countries in the world up to 1973.


The name of the firm was changed to ZPA Dukla Presov, n.p.. Since that year the tradition of the KRIZIK mark has been kept only to electricity meters. For other new products the new ZPA (Zavody priemyselnej automatizacie - Industrial Automation Works) mark was applied. The firm began to be active in the new field - production of control equipment. In that year the production of solenoid valves and electrical actuators started.


Delimitation of ET 3 and ET 4 polyphase meters from KRIZIK Factory in Prague and launching of the new and first wide current range meter types ET 34 and ET 44 meant achieving the monopoly position in production of electricity meters in former Czechoslovakia.


The range of manufactured supplying transformers was extended by regulating transformers. Manufacturing of  time-control devices began.


The firm penetrated into a new branch - automation technology. Production of pneumatic elements for automated lines has started.

1974 - 75

The new EJ 904, ET 304 and ET 404 electricity meters and Klimact and Modact groups of electrical actuators were put into production.


Start of the new production area construction in Solivarska street (the ZPA 02 subsidiary).

1980 - 84

In those years there was enforced the production oriented to electronics and automation represented by the ITM and MTM converters for direct current motors, the industrial robots PR16, the manipulators AM1 and AM5, the control systems RS1-C and RS3 for robots and manipulators and the RSL control systems for injection moulding machines. In 1982-84 the new type series of EJ 914, ET 324 and ET 414 electricity meters were introduced.


On October 1st, 1985 was the celebration of opening of the new plant with 40,000 sqm.

1986 - 90

The firm started production of peripheral devices for computers as for instance the MMP 45 magnetic tape stores, and VZ 930 and VZ 935 plotters. The production of filterpresses began as well.


In the field of control technology the new ISOMACT type series of electrical actuators was put into production. In automation technology the branch of pneumatic elements was complemented by the active elements - pneumatic cylinders.


The KRIZIK mark, originally registered since 1943 is definitely in possession of the firm.


Privatisation of the ZPA Dukla, s.p. Presov basic plant and comeback to usage of the KRIZIK trademark in the name of the firm. The new firm's logo was created for all the companies associated into the ZPA KRIZIK GROUP. Water meters were put into production.


Privatisation of the ZPA 02 subsidiary. Start of current instrument transformers production.


The new EJ 926, ET 326 and ET 426 type series of electricity meters are introduced. The control technology branch production range was exceeded by the RTP gas pressure regulators. The calibration and testing stations for electricity and water meters were put into production.


Moving of all the plants to the production area on Solivarska street, creating of KRIZIK, a.s. (jointstock company).


The auditorial organization RW TÜV has granted to KRIZIK, a. s. the certificate of quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 9001. Static electricity meters has been being introduced to the market.


In accordance with reorganisation what has been accomplished  in KRIZIK, a.s. company the production of components and parts in the field of light mechanical engineering was shifted to KRIZIK GBI, a. s.


The production of company KRIZIK GBI, a.s. range was exceeded by production of electromechanical electricity meters and electronic electricity meters.


The auditorial organization RW TÜV has granted to KRIZIK GBI, a. s. the certificate of quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 9001 - design, production and sale of devices for measuring electrical values.


The auditorial organization SGS has granted to KRIZIK GBI, a. s. the certificate of quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 14001.

The production of company KRIZIK GBI, a.s. range was exceeded by production of intelligent electronic electricity meters building - up measuring networks with bi-directional communication making possible data collection and automatized data evaluation.