Mechanical engineering
Metal forming trough cold working processes


The machinery for cold-working forming operations makes possible to treat semiproducts out of steel, brass, bronze and aluminium in shape of sheets, strips, skelps through the technology of squeezing, bending, shearing and drawing. The usual thickness of treated steel semiproducts is up to 3 mm and as an exception in case of blankings the thickness can be up to 8 - 10 mm.

The production of structured products, regarding their shape, with bendings includes finishing operations as drilling, threading, spot welding, buffing , etc.. It is possible to run single-part, small-lot and large-lot production with the existing machinery.

Metal forming trough cold working processes
Metal cutting

Technological equipments:

1. eccentric press with forming force 10 - 160 kN
2. drawing press for deep drawing with forming force 40 - 160 kN